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Josh Schneider

Josh Schneider

Vice President
Keen’s Buildings
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Hi, I am Josh Schneider, Vice President of Keen's Buildings. The Sensei CRM is a great program that allows our sales staff to show our customers actual images of the products they are purchasing. This eliminates any confusion on what the customer is ordering. Also allowing our company to track leads, sales, and follow up with customers. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking for an easy-to-use CRM system!

Charlotte Bailey

Charlotte Bailey

Vice President Of Sales & Operations
Garage Buildings
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Changing our CRM to SENSEI has not only simplified the sales process for our representatives but it has enabled our business to succeed beyond our expectations. SENSEI provides our sales team with the tools they need to be well organized and successful. SENSEI is an integral part of our business, we consider them to be a partner which truly cares about our continued success.

Kevin Gray

Kevin Gray

President Of Probuilt Steel Buildings
Probuilt Steel Buildings
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We have been utilizing Sensei CRM for a couple of years now, and it has been a Blessing for our Business. Ashish and his team are constantly revising and innovating to make the CRM more efficient and capable. It has certainly made our sales consultants more efficient and productive. We can’t wait to see how Sensei will continue to evolve!

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